Literacy and Hope in Masatepe


Me is actually 'we' - more specifically, 16 of us from Boone, NC, college students from Appalachian State University and members from Grace Lutheran Church, on a mission trip to Masatepe, Nicaragua. Our work there will include building up a school library by adding 400 more books, building bookshelves, and instituting the Dewey Decimal System, and an after school day camp for kids.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Connie Hutchins and I just made a week-long trip back to Nicaragua, to meet with school directors and see where we might start a new library project, and to see how the library at Nuevo Generaciones is doing. Here are some photos of various places. From the top, are some photos of the newly completed orphanage out at the 'finca' and a photo of the library, with new bookshelves, at New Generations School! Then there are pictures of a few of the schools we visited - on supported by YWAM (Youth With a Mission) near a community called Belin, the other in Masatepe, supported by a German ministry group called Nehemiah.

Plans are to return to Nicaragua with a new group of students in March of 2007!
Blessings to all,
Pastor Becca

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thanks to local merchants for their support

I'd like to take a moment and thank these local merchants who donated money and/or goods in our fundraising efforts. We raised $12,000 for the trip, and couldn't have done it without the help and support of these folks. I've provided links for those with websites.
Thanks again for your support!
Pastor B.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Groundbreaking at the Orphanage!

Check out the Millsaps' blog for info about the GROUNDBREAKING for the orphanage "God's Place for His Little Children." That's where we put up the tire swings and were so blessed with prayer and song when we met the wonderful Rufo Lopez.

It's really happening! Let's join these folks in prayer and begin to ask God what we can do to help create a new home for orphaned children.

Pastor B.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Still remembering...

Quick note before the computer dies: So Teri and I are sitting here in the student union selling coffee that we brought back from Nicaragua. Since we don't have a huge line we've just been talking about Nicaragua and looking at the pictures from it. I think it is still on everyone's minds. I want to go back. I think everyone else does too.
Maggie and Teri

Thursday, March 30, 2006

All about the food, with extras...

Alright, so below are pictures that have to do with the group eating or places we saw that we didn't expect to see (Papa Johns). Also pictured below are our meals going to and from Nicaragua on the plane, the group eating at a pizza place on 3-13, and our last meal in Granada at our Hotel.

Becca I hope you aren't mad at me for posting this picture, but yeah this 'bathroom' brings the total in the house to 2 and a 1/2 baths...


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

LSA Dinner...

Every week on Wednesday nights we have supper at Church prepared by either LSA students or other members at the Church. Tonight our group that went to Nicaragua cooked for everyone. We prepared beans, rice and chicken, with tortillas. Also so cabbage and tomato mixture, sorry I'm not exactly sure what all went in it. We also mixed up banana milk for everyone to try. To top it all off we treated everyone to coke/sprite/water in bags!! (they thought it was pretty neat/funny).

Here are some pictures from tonights dinner...

Alright I guess I should explain a little about all the pictures of food. For some reason I always take pictures of meals we/I eat on trips. I took pictures of our meals on the plane and when we were out to eat while in Nicaragua. I just didn't think they really needed to be put up here cause I didn't really think many people cared too much about the food. Well, after people laughing at me for taking pictures of everything tonight I decided it was time for some food pictures on the blog...more to come from Nicaragua in the future...enjoy.


i want to play!!!

So here we are back in Boone...we have been back for a week and a half, and we are all trying to fully process our trip. We knew when we left Masetepe that our trip had been good, but its not till we get back that we realize just how amazing it was. I've now had time to get back into routine here with school, but I find myself thinking about Nicaragua a lot. I got the opportunity to really think about and write it down last weekend when I gave part of the sermon at church on it.

The one thing I miss the most are the children at the camp. They were absolutely amazing. I loved running around with them playing games (even if I was the one that was getting picked on!) and making crafts. Its fun to just be a kid again and laugh until you can't anymore! It was so great that they opened up to us and let us in their lives...they didn't have to, they didn't know us, we barely knew their language...but they did. They let us experience their culture and how they lived and they were proud. They didn't have much, but material things don't matter to them. What matters is they live life to the fullest and love what they have.

When we gave out the snacks during camp, it was something new for them, but most of them wouldn't eat it, or much of it. I asked them in my horrible Spanish if they liked the particular snack of the day and they said oh yes, but they wanted to take it back to their family. Not many children would save their new and exciting snack for several hours and not eat it, just so that they could share it with their family. Their family takes priority over themselves, and that is something to be proud of.

We made dinner tonight at church for the congregation for the Lenten meal. We wanted to give the congregation a little taste of the food we experienced there. We also wanted them to experience the funness of drinking coke out of a bag! (they weren't as thrilled about it as we were!) As we made the food and drinks (we even made banana milk!!) it made me remember some of the good times we had in Nicaragua.

I am so blessed to have gotten this opportunity to experience life in Nicaragua, and the people hold a very special place in my heart.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Pastor B.